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Equal Male to Male JIC Adaptors



Materials -   C        Stainless Steel 303S31 (316 available, min order may apply)

                    CR    Chrome plated steel

                    D       Anodised Aluminium alloy

                    S        Zinc plated steel

Notes - * Not all colours available

                   **Minimum order may apply

MATERIAL A/F - The material size given is only a guide and is subject to change without notice. If you require a specific material size please check first. 



Part Number Thread "A" Thread "B" Material A/F Material


3/8x24 JIC

7/16x24 UNF concave


Brake adaptor

10716-04 7/16x20 JIC 7/16x24 UNF concave 9/16" S (Turbo Adaptor)
815-02 5/16x24 JIC 5/16x24 JIC 7/16" C, D
815-03 3/8x24 JIC 3/8x24 JIC 1/2" C, CR, S
815-03 3/8x24 JIC 3/8x24 JIC 9/16" D
815-03L 3/8x24 JIC 3/8x24 JIC long thread 9/16" S (master cyl adaptor)
815-03V 3/8x24 UNF concave 3/8x24 JIC 1/2" C, CR, S
815-04 7/16x20 JIC 7/16x20 JIC 9/16" C, S
815-04 7/16x20 JIC 7/16x20 JIC 11/16" D
815-06DNPT 9/16x18 JIC 9/16x18 JIC 3/4" D* (1/8NPT drilling)
815-06 9/16x18 JIC 9/16x18 JIC 11/16" C, D, S
815-08DNPT 3/4x16 JIC 3/4x16 JIC 7/8" D (1/8NPT drilling)
815-08 3/4x16 JIC 3/4x16 JIC 7/8" & 1" D, S
815-10 7/8x14 JIC 7/8x14 JIC varies D, S
815-12 1"1/16x12 JIC 1"1/16x12 JIC varies D, S
815-16 1"5/16x12 JIC 1"5/16x12 JIC varies D, S


Tee Pieces

Part Number Thread Material
824-02 5/16x24 JIC C**, D
824-03 3/8x24 JIC C, D, S
824-04 7/16x20 JIC C, D, S
824-05 1/2x20 JIC D
824-06 9/16x18 JIC D
824-08 3/4x16 JIC D
824-10 7/8x14 JIC D
824-12 1"1/16x12 JIC D


90 Degree Elbows

Part Number Thread Material
821-03 3/8x24 JIC D, S
821-04 7/16x20 JIC D, S
821-06 9/16x18 JIC D
821-08 3/4x16 JIC D
821-10 7/8x14 JIC D, S
821-12 1"1/16x12 JIC D
821-16 1"5/16x12 JIC D


Four Way Adaptors

Part Number Thread Material
827-03 3/8x24 JIC D
827-04 7/16x20 JIC D
827-06 9/16x18 JIC D
827-08 3/4x16 JIC D
827-10 7/8x14 JIC D
827-12 1"1/16x12 JIC D