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Hose Separators

Machined from Alloy extrusion and anodised in either Blue, Clear or Red. 

Supplied complete with Stainless Steel Allen bolt.

All Hose Separators are packed as single parts.

From top to bottom : Clear, Blue and Red

** Note part number is made up as follows -     HS = Hose Separator

                                                                        B = Blue

                                                                        C = Clear (silver)

                                                                        R = Red

So HSB-03 is a Hose Separator Blue to fit -3 hose, and a HSR-12 is a Hose Separator Red to fit -12

  * insert the colour code in the part number when ordering                                                               

Part Number **

I.D. in mm

I.D. in ins"

Fits Hose size Colours Available
HS*-03 6.4mm 1/4" 300-03 Blue, Clear, Red
HS*-04 11mm 7/16" 500-04 / 300-06 Blue, Clear, Red
HS*-05 12.7mm 1/2" 500-05 Blue, Clear, Red
HS*-06 14mm 9/16" 500-06 Blue, Clear, Red
HS*-08 17mm 11/16" 500-08 Blue, Clear, Red
HS*-10 20.5mm 13/16" 500-10 Blue, Clear, Red
HS*-12 24mm 15/16" 500-12 Blue, Clear, Red