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Fuel Taps

FT71 range - Chrome bodied tap with plastic handle. Stainless Steel ball valve in a Teflon seating.

All FT71 taps have BSP female threads. We manufacture a special short 1/4BSP adaptor in alloy with a 9/16JIC male thread for use with fuel systems. (see 163 series adaptors JIC to BSP).


FT71-18CH Mini ball tap. 1/8BSP female threads.

FT71-14CH Mini ball tap. 1/4BSP female threads. (special M/M adaptors available)

FT71-14LBCH Large bore tap (5/16"I.D.)  with 1/4BSP female threads.               (special M/M adaptors available)

FT71-38CH Mini ball tap. 3/8BSP female threads. Also available as large bore, use part number FT71-38LBCH For adaptors use 163-06-05 TAP, 163-06-06 TAP or 163-06-08 TAP