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Bleed Nipple banjo Bolts


**Note** - bolts do not come with nipples

                    please order separately. Use 7x1.00 nipples.

                    When stocks of Alloy, Chrome & Plated bolts expire, we will only

                    supply Stainless Steel.

Materials -   C        Stainless Steel 303S31 (316 available, min order may apply)

                    CR    Chrome plated steel

                    D       Anodised Aluminium alloy

                    S        Zinc plated steel

Notes - * Not all colours available

                   **Minimum order may apply

Single Bolts


Part Number Bolt Thread Bolt Length       (under hex) Bleed Thread Material
BN775-03 3/8x24 UNF 20mm M7x1.00 CR, S
BN775-3101 10x1.00 20mm M7x1.00 C, CR, S
BN775-3102 10x1.25 20mm M7x1.00 C, CR, S


Double Bolts


Part number Bolt Thread Bolt Length            (under hex)             Bleed Thread Material
BN7755-03 3/8x24 UNF 31mm M7x1.00 C, S
BN7755-3101 10x1.00 31mm M7x1.00 C, CR, D*, S
BN7755-3102 10x1.25 31mm M7x1.00 C, CR, D*, S


Bleed Nipples


Part Number Thread Length (under hex) in mm Material
BN-09S 1/4x28 UNF 17.8mm S
BN-11S 3/8x24 UNF 18.7mm S
BN-32C M7x1.00 for bleed bolt 15.6mm C
BN-32S M7x1.00 for bleed bolt 16.6mm S
BN-32LS M7x1.00 22.0mm S** (long nipple) special order
BN-34C M8x1.25 15.6mm C (Honda motorcycles)
BN-34S M8x1.25 16.9mm S (Honda motorcycles)
BN-35C M10x1.00 15.45mm C** (special order)
BN-35S M10x1.00 15.8mm S

Remote Bleed Fittings - see "Straight Bulkhead Male" under "300-03 Hose Fittings"