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Banjo Bolts Double - Imperial

Materials -   C        Stainless Steel 303S31 (316 available, min order may apply)

                    CR    Chrome plated steel

                    D       Anodised Aluminium alloy

                    S        Zinc plated steel

Notes - * Not all colours available

                   **Minimum order may apply

Part Number Shank Size Thread Length  (under hex) Material
7755-03-02 10mm 5/16x24 UNF 31mm S** (special order)
7755-03-02BSF 10mm 5/16 BSF 31mm CR**
7755-03 10mm 3/8x24 UNF 31mm C, CR, D*, S
7755-03L 10mm 3/8x24 UNF 39mm C, CR, S (use with 12mm thick banjo)
7755-3518 10mm 1/8 BSP 31mm S
7755-04H 7/16" 7/16x24 UNF 42mm C (Harley)
7755-04 7/16" 7/16x20 UNF 42mm C** (use with 7/16" thick banjo)
7755-04L 7/16" 7/16x20UNF 50mm S (use with 5/8" thick banjo)