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About this Catalogue........

Please note that this catalogue is being constantly updated with new products and services. The front of all the CD-Rom catalogues are printed with a date. If you require a new copy please ring the sales office.

We appreciate any feed back about this catalogue. If you find any mistakes, please let us know. If you cannot find the part you are looking for, please ring the sales office.

I will mention it here as well as later on. If you are not sure about the thread you require, then please ring the sales office and ask for help. It is better that we can send you the correct part, than you having to return one that does not fit. Or even worse still, finding you have just stripped the thread on an expensive part. Be particularly careful of some Metric and JIC threads. M14x1.50 and 9/16"x18 JIC spring to mind. They will fit each other until you try to tighten the component !... Be warned !      BSP and NPT threads are very similar. If you are dealing with anything made in the USA it will be more likely that it will be a NPT taper thread and not a BSP taper. The difference in thread pitch is 1 TPI (threads per inch). Again, they will screw into each other until........... !  

Where possible and as time permits, we will try to give as much information about the parts as we can. (i.e. the A/F measurement for adaptors). But please note this is a guide only. If you have a requirement for a part with a particular across flats measurement, please check with us first. All specifications given are liable to change without notice. 

**Please note** If you wish to return goods to us please ring first and obtain a Goods Return No.

**Credit notes cannot be issued without a "GRN" number.

Best regards

Ian Grout