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 Autosport Show 2003

                           Jeff Upsher                                            Ian Grout

Ordering loose parts couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is decide which parts you need, paying careful attention to threads, seat type (convex or concave) and the material type you require. The available materials and finishes are listed at the top of each page. For example - you need a convex metric short male caliper fitting for -3 Teflon hose, so 2045 is the code for a convex short metric male, if it is a 10x1.00 thread then that code would be 101, and the zinc plated steel code is "S". The complete part number would be 2045-101S. 

Ordering Ready Made Brake & Clutch Lines  - It is very important that you give us as much information about the vehicle as possible. Make, model, year, and engine size are essential. If the car has been modified or lowered please tell us, as it will make your job of fitting the lines easier. If you have any special requirements i.e. hose end fittings supplied in Stainless Steel or Alloy (racing only!) please state this on your order. Please note that most Japanese cars have a "model code". This is essential when ordering lines.

Ordering Specials If you require special fittings manufactured please supply us with a drawing if possible. If you are sending us samples to copy and/or modify a detailed note would be appreciated. Please make sure any samples you send us ARE CLEAN. Having oil and old brake fluid dripping everywhere whilst handling them is not good!

** Please note all the items in this catalogue are intended for use on competition vehicles and are not intended for use on the public highway. No guarantee is given, or implied, as to the suitability for any specific use. The purchaser must satisfy him/herself that the product is suitable for the use intended.




When ordering ready made special assemblies the above details should be given for each fitting, as well as the length of the assembly, and the angular alignment of the fittings (where applicable).

The correct alignment of angled fittings and banjo's is crucial. Fittings which are misaligned will make it impossible for the assembly to be connected, or put such strain on the hose that it may fail in service. Alignment is calculated by holding the assembly horizontal, with the first fitting in front of the face and angled downwards, and then calculating the number of degrees of anti-clockwise rotation for the second fitting.

If you cannot find the part you require in the catalogue, please do not hesitate to ring us.

Faxed Orders are preferred, but not everybody has one to hand or the time to write one when not in the office so if the phone lines are busy, please bear with us.

Carriage charges       Minimum postal charge    2.60+     Orders over 1.7Kg will be sent by UPS

                                    UPS overnight (per box)  9.50    Next day by 17.30 hrs (Commercial premises only)

                                    UPS overnight (per box) 11.50     Next day by 17.30 hrs (Residential addresses)  

                                    UPS EXPRESS               15.00  Next day by 10.30 hrs 

                                    UPS EXPRESS PLUS    Please enquire -  Next day by 08.30 hrs

                                    UPS - SATURDAY        Please enquire -  Saturday Morning.

                                    Overseas shipping            Please enquire

All carriage charges are correct at time of press. And are subject to change without notice.     

Returns                     Please note - A handling charge may be levied on returned goods.

                                                        Please inform us before you return any goods.