The Catalogue



                         Step 1 Ascertain the correct length for the hose - including obstructions, bends etc. Cut through the hose using a sharp knife or a fine toothed hacksaw (24 tpi or finer). Make sure that the cut is made squarely.

                         Step 2 Mount the fitting in a vice, ideally using soft jaws or a vice with surface ground jaws. Make sure that the fitting is held firmly.

  Step 3 Lubricate the inside of the hose with a little light engine oil. Place the hose on the spigot and then firmly push the hose home until it butts up against the end stop of the fitting. This may require some force, particularly with the larger sizes of hose, which can be a very tight fit. (it is a good idea when fitting hoses to straight female fittings to screw the fitting onto a male fitting or adaptor first; otherwise the spigot will push out of its retaining collar).

  Hose Removal Disassembly is not a reversal of the assembly procedure. Once the hose is on its fitting the only way you will get it off is to cut along the hose with a sharp knife and snap it off at the fitting (being careful not to score the tail of the fitting).

It is a good idea to pressure test all assemblies before use. EXACT can supply, or advise on the construction of, a test rig for this purpose. Please ensure the removal of any foreign parts inside the hose before use (i.e. blow out with an air line - dry air)